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10 suggested sources on technology and news media issues

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Trying to stay informed about the flurry of changes and shifts within the news media business is no easy task. From the decline in advertising and shifts in ad tech to new digital-ethical puzzles and social media strategies, there are many emerging topics — and many outlets and voices, both new and old, digging into the latest trends.

Following the media sections of a few of the big, traditional media reporting sources – for example, the New York Times and the Washington Post – as well as relatively newer outlets, such as Politico and BuzzFeed, is a good place to start. Also, listening to the radio show “On the Media,” from WNYC, and CNN’s “Reliable Sources” can keep you up to date.

The following list of 10 sources is not meant to be comprehensive, but it can serve as a starting point for those unfamiliar with the media-tech scene:


American Press Institute: This media think tank is doing some of the best cutting-edge work on the business of media as it relates to technology. Also see API’s “Need to Know” daily email newsletter.

Nieman Lab: A comprehensive outlet that does original reporting on the future of news. The Lab’s Twitter feed and daily email are go-to sources.

Columbia Journalism Review: Long a top source for traditional reporting issues, CJR does a lot of original reporting on the intersection of technology and journalism.

Poynter: Another great source for the inside scoop on how the media business is changing, often with a focus on ethics.

MediaShift: This newer site looks at the changing media landscape across many dimensions and tracks content from other outlets about new trends.


TechCrunch: Focused on the technology industry generally, this site often has the latest from Silicon Valley and beyond.

Re/code: Founded by well-respected tech journalists, this site does a lot of analysis of the latest digital trends.

Digiday: This outlet focuses more on the advertising and marketing industry, but with strong coverage of social media and platforms, there are many relevant insights for media.

Mashable: This media site covers, among other things, all of the latest social media and technology trends.

The Information: An outlet that does in-depth reporting on technology-related topics of all kinds.

Writer: | April 21, 2016

Last updated: April 21, 2016


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