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10 ways to teach about Sept. 11 (The New York Times)

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Dear Reader,

Sept. 11, 2001, is one of those rare days that, if you ask most adults what they remember, they can tell you exactly where they were, whom they were with and what they were thinking. It is a day seared in memory. But for students who were born in a post-9/11 world and have grown up in the aftermath, it is complex history that needs to be remembered, taught and analyzed like any other historical event.

To support teachers, we put together 10 ways to teach about Sept. 11 using resources from The New York Times, including archival front pages and photographs, first-person accounts, and analysis pieces published for the 20th anniversary.

We’re also hosting a free virtual event for students on Sept. 30. Alongside Times journalists, we will explore how Sept. 11 has shaped a generation of young people who grew up in its shadow. Teachers and students can register here, and students can submit their own videos with questions, many of which we hope to feature during the live event.

Michael Gonchar, Editor



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