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10 years of Khodorkovsky in prison

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In 2003, Mikhail Khodorkovsky challenged Vladimir Putin and was then jailed on politically motivated charges and saw his company, Yukos, stolen by the Russian state. October 25, 2013 marks the tenth anniversary of his arrest, and dozens of well known supporters across the world have come forward to comment and demand his release, including leading policymakers, civil society, and opposition figures. More videos and further information can be found on and (KhodorkovskyYearX Oct 24, 2013)

SEGEZHA, Russia — Ten years have gone by, 10 years — to the day — that I have spent in the jails, prisons and camps of the new Russia.

Much has changed. My oldest son now has his own baby daughter, who is not a baby any more — my first grandchild, whom I have never seen.

My youngest sons, whom I left as little four-year-old boys, are now taller than I am and on the threshold of adulthood. My daughter is close to graduating from college. My wife, who has been supporting me all these years, is alone at home now. My parents are already very old, and their health leaves much to be desired… MORE

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