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110th anniversary of The New Stateman

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New Statesman

In a 110th anniversary podcast, nine current and former commentators reflect on their time at the NS

In this special podcast, nine political editors and writers come together to discuss working at the New Statesman, covering everything from the rise and fall of Thatcher and New Labour through to the coalition government and the recent period of Conservative hegemony.

We hear from Patrick Wintour, Sarah Baxter, Steve Richards, Jackie Ashley, Rafael Behr, Mehdi Hasan, Helen Lewis, Stephen Bush and their chair, the current political editor Andrew Marr.

Together, they discuss what made working at the New Statesman unique and the magazine’s evolution over the years – through the Blair-Brown years, 9/11, Brexit and Corbyn – as well as the key moments in their careers and the influence of social media.

This podcast was recorded for a special 110th anniversary edition of the New Statesman, out on 13 April. An abridged version of this conversation will also appear in print and online.

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