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Foreign aid / ayuda exterior 2013

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Yemeni women help to transport sacks of food aid from a distribution centre in Sana’a. Child malnutrition remains a major problem in the country. Photograph: EPA (The Guardian)

Foreign aid hits record high

By Philippa Brant (The Interpreter, Lowy Institute)

In what will come as a surprise to many, the OECD’s 2013 aid figures reveal that foreign aid (ODA) from governments is actually increasing. This is despite ongoing budgetary constraints in many countries. After two years of decline, foreign aid rose 6.1% in real terms in 2013 to reach its highest level ever. Released yesterday, here are some main results:  

  • 17 of the DAC‘s 28 member countries increased their ODA in 2013.
  • Five countries reached their 0.7% of GNI ‘target’: Denmark, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, and, for the first time, the UK.
  • The United Arab Emirates posted the highest ODA/GNI ratio, 1.25%. Much of this is due to its support to Egypt.
  • 70% of total DAC aid was provided by G7 countries.
  • Australian aid saw a 4.5% decline.

In what may give further fuel to the debate about what counts as aid, in 2013 aid in the form of non-grant disbursements (such as concessional loans) increased by 33%.

Surprising stat, given economic doldrums in developed world: aid spending is actually going up: 


The big aid debate: rich countries consider foreign aid overhaul (The Guardian, Wednesday 6 November 2013 12.15 GMT)


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