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2013 Great Decisions: the future of the euro and 26 more classes

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The European Union and the United States enjoy the most integrated economic relationship in the world, and despite the pivot to Asia, the U.S. / NATO relationship continues to underpin security across major portions of the globe. The close linkage between Europe and the United States could be threatened by the ongoing crisis over the fate of the Euro. Established in 1999, the Euro rapidly became a leading global currency and contributed to the emergence of Europe as a major center of global economic power. The crisis over the Euro has sent many European countries back into recession, and raised the prospect of a collapse of the euro-zone and a return to national currencies. The Great Decisions discussion on January 18th will begin with a short review of the establishment of the European Monetary Union and the benefits and constraints that such a union placed on European countries. Then we will discuss the nature of financial crises and apply that to the specifics associated with the Eurozone crisis that struck the continent in 2010. The heart of our discussion will center on options and actions to be taken in response, and the implications for both Europe and the United States, if the sovereign debt crisis is not resolved.(USArmyWarCollege/Foreign Policy Association. Jan. 22 2013 )

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