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2013, en cien entradas (the way it was)

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A personal tribute to Walter Cronkite (1916-2009)


REUTERS: 2013, in 60 seconds

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT – A multimedia showcase of some of 2013’s top stories, including the Kenya mall attack, the Boston Marathon bombings, Syria’s chemical attack, protests in Egypt and Ukraine, Typhoon Haiyan and Nelson Mandela’s death. Production by Jillian Kitchener. (Slideshow: TOP STORIES OF 2013)

CFR: the world next year

BROOKINGS: top 10 most popular items from Brookings in 2013

BROOKINGS: Top Economic Stories of 2013

THE ECONOMIST: the world this year

THE ECONOMIST: to explainers of 2013

THE ECONOMIST: A round-up of the year’s most popular infographics

AFP: Les grands événements de l’année 2013 dans le monde

REUTERS Best photos of the year 2013 – Full Focus

REUTERS: Muniland’s ‘Best of 2013’

AFP: Les meilleures images (photos et vidéos) en 2013:

Harvard Business Review: 10 Charts from 2013 That Changed the Way We Think.

Slideshare: Cifras y tendencias del gigante de las presentaciones #Zeitgeist2013

TWITTER: The Year in Politics (WPost)

CFR: Issue guide. Year in review, year ahead

CFR: What Happened to the Asia Pivot in 2013?

CFR: 2014 Presidential and Provincial Council Elections in Afghanistan

CFR: must reads of 2013. Drones, Pope Francis, Syria and more…

CFR: An optimistic review of Africa in 2013

CFR: Afghanistan in 2013, a survey (Asian Foundation)

CFR: Top 10 South Asia Stories of 2013

Project Syndicate: 2013 Year Review

AEI: as 2013 comes to a close, scholars take a look back

SMALL WARS JOURNAL: 23 December SWJ Roundup

Latin America (Le Monde): Dix événements qui ébranlèrent l’Amérique latine en 2013

Latin America (Infolatam)

THE ECONOMIST country of 2013

Year in Review: ‘s Great Stories of 2013:

The Washington Post: Photos of 2013 and News that shaped the planet in 2013

The Washington Post: Dionne: The silver lining of Obama’s 2013

The Washington Post: The best editorial cartoons of  2013

The Washington Post: 2013, some user reviews, Best innovations of 2013 and Notable deaths of 2013

The Washington Post: 2013 by the numbers

The Washington Post: the top leadership  moments of 2013

The Washington Post: the worst year in Washington

THE NEW YORK TIMES: 2013, the year in pictures

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Best of 2013 in art

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Global Agenda 2013

THE NEW YORK TIMES: the year in questions

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Special News Quiz | Farewell, 2013

AEIdeas: US economy in 2013 in five good charts and a really terrible one

PROJECT SYNDICATE: Reversing Gears, 2013 in Review (book)

The report: «2013: The State of Security in »

FINANCIAL TIMES: the five most important events of 2013

FINANCIAL TIMES: the most popular stories on in 2013:

FINANCIAL TIMES: Five reasons 2013 was better than it seemed

FINANCIAL TIMES: A good year for Vladimir Putin, bad one for Russia

FINANCIAL TIMES:  From Xi’s rise to Abenomics, six events that shook Asia

FINANCIAL TIMES: test your knowledge of 2013 with the FT’s quiz of the year

UN: 2013 witnessed some of the highest levels of forced displacement ever

NYTimes: Looking Back at 2013 | Ideas for Reflecting On and Teaching About the Year That Was

THE SPECTATOR: Ten things that went badly right in Britain in 2013

PewResearchCenter: US Public views on 20 big stories of 2013

Economic Policy Institute: The 13 most important  charts of 2013

AP’s Top 10 Photos of 2013 by Santiago León

The New York Post: Obama’s terrible 2013 (By John Podhoretz)

Eurasia Review: Xi Jinping’s first year rule

WSJ: 2013 Year in Review: Tragedy, Transition, Triumph

: foto e video delle notizie più viste dell’anno su

THE NEW YORKER: The year in charts:

THE NEW YORKER: The Best Business Journalism of 2013 via

THE NEW YORKER: the thirteen most-read New Yorker magazine stories of 2013

THE NEW YORKER: The Year in Photojournalism

CNN: 6 reasons why 2013 was a bad year for Obama

CNN F Zakaria GPS looks back at 2013

UNITED NATIONS: 2013 in review

YOUTUBE: YouTube Rewind, what does 2013 say?


YOUTUBE DEFINING MOMENTS in 2013 (interactive)

YOUTUBE REWIND: What Does 2013 Say?

EL MUNDO: Resumen 2013

EL MUNDO: 2013, ¿recuerda qué pasó?

LE MONDE:Les 14 événements internationaux qui ont marqué l’année 2013

HUMAN RIGHTS CHANNEL: 2013 Year in Review in Human Rights

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR: 2013 roundup: Reporters’ backstories on the big stories (A 2013 selection of Monitor reporters’ backstories on the big stories)

THE ATLANTIC: 2013, a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year for the tech industry

FOREIGN POLICY: the 2013 stories that never were

FOREIGN POLICY: the 2013 top ten list of gifts… for world leaders

FOREIGN POLICY: cloudy with a chance of conflict

FOREIGN POLICY: the year of living hegemonically

THE GUARDIAN: From selfies to Snowden, a review of 2013 in video

THE GUARDIAN: Edward Snowden, person of the year 2013

THE GUARDIAN: From migrants’ money to cashew nut  woes, plus Brazil’s child sex trade

CEPAL: 2013, el año en que el fantasma de 2008 siguió flotando sobre la economía (Vía BBCMundo)

BBCNews: Letter from África, the highs and lows of 2013

BBCNews: 100 things we didn’t knw last year

BBCNews: What was big in 2013? Look back at the year through our interactive features and graphics

RUSSIA DIRECT: Geopolitics of military reform, results of 2013

RUSSIA DIRECT: Best of the web in 2013

RUSSIA DIRECT: trends in social media in 2013

WHITE HOUSE: 2013 Year in Review

UNDP: Top 2013 tweets 

AJENGLISH: Connecting ‘s allies and enemies │ Al Jazeera’s top stories of the year:

Revisit the major headlines of 2013 with Flocabulary’s Year in Rap!

For interactive lyrics and more, visit…




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