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2014 Global Think Tank Index

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2014 Think Tank Index Report (174 pages) -By James G McGann University of Pennsylvania 

According to the ranking of think tanks released annually by the University of Pennsylvania (the Global Go To Think Tank Index Report), two policy studies co-authored by the Elcano Institute are among the best three published worldwide in 2013-14, out of a total of 47 studies included in the list.

The study ‘How to Fix the Euro: Strengthening Economic Governance in Europe’, jointly published with Chatham House (UK) and the Agenzia di Ricerche e Legislazione (Italy), took the second place. The third best was ‘Towards a European Global Strategy: Securing European Influence in a Changing World’, written at the request of the ministries of Foreign Affairs of Spain, Italy, Poland and Sweden and in cooperation with the Istituto Affari Internazionali, the Polish Institute of International Affairs and the Swedish Institute of International Affairs.

According to the list, the Elcano Royal Institute is Spain’s leading think tank in the Foreign Policy and International Relations category, and is ranked  32nd worldwide.

Furthermore, it ranks the Institute as the 29th best think tank in Western Europe, rising nine places in relation with the previous year’s classification.

Finally, the Red Iberoamericana de Estudios Internacionales (RIBEI), an alliance of more than 40 Latin American institutions founded by the Elcano Royal Institute in 2010, is among the world’s 20 best think-tank networks.

The Elcano Royal Institute has thus consolidated its strong position in the University of Pennsylvania’s ranking, once again appearing as the leading Spanish institution in the international relations and foreign policy category. Many thanks once again for your continued support, comments and opinions.

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