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Entre 2014 y 2015 (II)

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Each year holds its security challenges, but 2014 was a roller coaster.Russia invaded Ukraine, China ratcheted up tensions in the Pacific, ruthless Islamic State militants fighting in Syria used brutal tactics to seize ever larger chunks of the country before invading Iraq.
And in America, political gridlock continues to constrain US defense spending. Readiness has taken a beating as American forces remain engaged in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, across Africa, as well as increasing their presence in Asia to reassure worried allies.Unrest around the world has driven the international community to respond.
The question is whether their actions have been enough.Defense News asked 15 leaders in military, government, academia and industry from Europe to Asia to the US to the Middle East for their perspectives about their region and how if fits into world events.The result is a comprehensive collection of viewpoints that puts 2014 into context while forecasting the challenges — and what must be done to meet them — in 2015.
UN in 2014: Game of diplomacy in a year of discord –  10:53 AM – 31 Dec 2014The Top 5 Achievements of Chinese Diplomacy in 2014 – The Diplomat was India’s year of ‘breakthrough diplomacy’: Sushma Swaraj – (press release) (blog) The challenge of Israeli diplomacy – Jerusalem Post
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2014 was quite a newsmaker, wasn’t it? We look back at this year’s biggest stories:  

Reuters Predictions 2014: Reversals and Revivals
Edited by John Foley

‘ Alberto Ramos on what must address in 2015 to unlock its “tremendous potential”: 

Full support:“@UN: 2015 will be an historic year for the UN. Ban Ki-moon explains why : @EUatUN

Happy New Year!  Watch Michael Clarke outlines year ahead for @RUSI_org For more analysis: 

ISIS in 2015: All eyes on Mosul. Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2015 : une année historique ?

The Think Defence 2015 Survey 

Top 10 Year in Review: International Criminal Justice
Iraq violence killed 15,000 in 2014, worst in 7 years: govt
Syria’s war ‘killed 76,021’ in 2014
2015 begins: Shanghai tragedy, fireworks elsewhere

FT: The ten charts of 2014FT: The world of 2015

FT: Gideon Rachman: The five most significant events of 2014 

Haaretz: 2015 review, focused on global terrorism

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