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2015 Mo Ibrahim Index

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The 2015 Mo Ibrahim Index shows a stagnation in governance progress in Africa, with more than a third of the countries having experienced a reversal since 2011. CAR, Mali and South Sudan have predictably fallen far behind, while the Ivory Coast and – surprisingly – Zimbabwe are credited with progress in key areas.

Over a third of African countries have experienced a stagnation or deterioration in governance indicators, according to the Mo Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG) that was presented on October 5th.

The index compiles an annual rating for African nations based on 93 indicators in 4 conceptual categories: safety and rule of law, participation and human rights, sustainable economic opportunity, and human development. The index has only improved with 0.2 points over the last four years, and half of the top ten ranked countries have witnessed a decline.

At the London launch, founder Mo Ibrahim (pictured), a Sudanese born telecommunication tycoon and philanthropist, said that while the continent have improved overall compared to 15 years ago, the new index shows that “recent progress in other key areas on the continent has either stalled or reversed, and that some key countries seem to be faltering.”

He emphasized that the figures should not be used to make generalizations about Africa, but the index nevertheless shows a clear stagnation on key indicators.



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