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2017 as told by AFP

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AFP has investigated the stories of people caught in the middle of Rio de Janeiro’s crime war. People are shot outside church, in parks or in restaurants, in daytime or at night

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Saudi-Iranian rivalries in the Middle East

Three months ago, on September 19, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck Mexico City, killing 369 people and devastating buildings throughout the region

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Results of Reporters Without Borders 2017 report on attacks on journalists and other media workers 

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1,000 days into Yemen’s ‘forgotten’ war, NGOs urge action

A thousand days of bloodshed: as Yemen prepares to mark Wednesday’s grim anniversary, aid workers are urging world powers to bring an end to a «forgotten» conflict. Photographs of children starving..

North Korea’s sprint towards full-fledged nuclear statehood accelerated sharply in 2017, raising fears about a devastating atomic exchange to levels not seen since the Cold War

IS lost almost all of its self-proclaimed «Caliphate» in Iraq and Syria this year, but they’re not gone, experts say, they’re adapting  

Defeated militarily in 2017, IS remains a global threat. The year 2017 saw significant destruction to the Islamic State (IS), which lost almost all of its self-proclaimed «Caliphate» in Iraq and Syria, but experts warn the group is adapting and continues..

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