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2017 preview: the FP Education Guides

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Aspiring international affairs professionals are facing widespread uncertainty: How will the public sector evolve in the coming months and years? What role will the private sector play? Public sector hiring, international business and trade, and the impact of nongovernmental organizations all are fraught with uncertainty—in the United States and around the world.

“Everything is interconnected, and the connections that shape our lives are real. The need to understand the complexity of the questions we face is now more important than ever,” says Carmen Iezzi Mezzera, executive director of the Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs (APSIA).


May/June Career Trends in International Affairs: Strategies for success in a changing world, and how schools are helping
July/August Our comprehensive annual Guide to Master’s Degrees in International Affairs: An in-depth look at schools and programs
September/October Enhancing Your Grad School Application: Information and tips from admissions directors at leading schools
November/December Leaders in Higher Education: International affairs faculty and administrators at the cutting edge of education and scholarship

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