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2019 Pulitzer Preview

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Cheers to all the Pulitzer Prize winners announced yesterday! Poynter has the stories behind the Sun Sentinel winning the Public Service Pulitzer, David Barstow winning his fourth Pulitzer and Aretha Franklin receiving the first ever Pulitzer special award and citation for a woman.

In other news coming out of Columbia, Poynter’s new center for ethics and leadership is partnering with Columbia’s center for ethics and security to host an event about preparing for information warfare.

You’ll hear from journalists like NPR Media Reporter David Folkenflik and Rappler co-founder Maria Ressa about building credibility in the era of liars and leaks. You’ll dissect case studies with standards editors like The New York Times’ Phil Corbett. And you’ll better prepare for the future with insights from researchers, security experts and big tech companies, including Facebook.

Poynter and Columbia University Event

Reporting from the Front Lines of the Information Wars

2019 Preview: Not all, but many, winners may be about the president vía


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