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China, climate hero or villain

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 It is common in the West to point the finger at China as a climate villain. We often hear about how China “wrecked” the Copenhagen climate negotiations, how its emissions have outstripped the EU and the US combined or how a coal fired power station is allegedly being build every week.

 In this report, the IIEA looks beyond the headlines and presents a forensic analysis of China’s evolving response to the climate challenge. It addresses in turn, China’s international climate diplomacy, its climate policy-making apparatus, target setting, technology policy, progress in pricing carbon and monitoring, reporting and verification of efforts.

We conclude that there is little evidence to support the sobriquet of villain, but also identify areas where China could make further progress, including striving for an earlier cap to emissions, delivering national pricing of carbon, and a greater focus on innovation and transparency. For the West the message is clear: China can no longer be used as an excuse for climate inaction.

The full report is available to view or download here.

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