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Daesh and the terrorist threat

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Islamic terrorist attacks showed a dramatic escala­tion in 2015. Targeting increasingly European countries and objectives, they represent a phenome­non that we must confront and better understand. This collection of essays aims to provide insight into the origins, evolution, principal characteristics, and unique means of recruitment and financing of Islamic terrorist organisations. Moreover, it examines the diffusion of Islamic radicalisation among young Europeans and of the foreign fighters, who, in growing numbers, leave their home countries to join Daesh. Cooperation among EU member states in the fight against this threat has strengthened following the Paris attacks. Nonetheless, the EU’s response has been late and feeble thus far. Much remains to be done in order to put in place meas­ures capable of facing the direct menace and re­ducing the risk of radicalisation.

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Conclusions by Massimo D’Alema

and the terrorist threat: from the Middle East to Europe (192 pages) 


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