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The true cause of hunger and famine?

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Here we are again. Famine is back in the news. Following drought in Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya, the Disasters Emergency Committee has recently launched an appeal for East Africa. We have been reminded that we have one last chance to stop utter devastation in South Sudan. Across the continent more and more horror reveals itself as areas are taken back from Boko Haram by the Nigerian army. Outside Africa, across the Gulf of Aden, we have seen the little bodies of children wasting away in Yemen.

I have written before that aid professionals like me have done a bad job of explaining the reasons behind fragility and crisis – that we need to be more honest about how complex these phenomena are, and not oversimplify what we do. So here I will try to live up to that. That means when we talk about these hunger crises we shouldn’t just ask you to help feed the starving – though that is desperately needed. We should also talk about conflict.



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