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Morocco & Algeria: unending conflict

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Morocco/Algeria: Jeune Afrique, a magazine caught between two mortal enemies
Africa-focused magazine Jeune Afrique is banned in Algeria due to its perceived closeness to Morocco and the two countries’ dispute over Western Sahara.
The Africa Report@TheAfricaReport
#Morocco/#Algeria Mohamed Boudiaf said: “An emotionally charged atmosphere in which leaders and even the masses, who remain swayed by a sense of regional identity and nationalism, exchange insults with one another drives a wedge between people.”
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Are Morocco and Algeria on the brink of war?

Hostilities between Morocco and Algeria have taken on a new dimension in recent months, especially over the Western Sahara question. Could the situation descend into a full-blown conflict? The Africa Report takes an in-depth look at the forces involved.

Morocco/Algeria: Western Sahara conflict shows signs of escalation

Tensions between Algeria and Morocco have never been as tense in 45 years. November 2020 unleashed pandora’s box following the military intervention in Guerguerat and Washington’s recognition of Rabat’s sovereignty over Western Sahara.

Morocco/Algeria: The armed forces behind the Western Sahara conflict

The Algerian and Moroccan militaries rank second and fifth in Africa, respectively, and shell out dizzying sums to acquire the latest equipment. Rabat turns to US and French suppliers, while Algiers sticks with Russian-made military goods.

Morocco/Algeria: Military leaders in the shadows

Morocco’s and Algeria’s top military and secret service leaders have risen through the ranks and often led brilliant – and sometimes action-packed – careers.


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