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5 fascinating digital media studies from fall 2018

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Scholars in the digital media and journalism space have focused a lot of attention on Twitter in recent months, examining how the busy platform influences people’s behavior — including reporters’ news judgment. Below, we’ve gathered five peer-reviewed papers we thought you’d want to know about, three of which look at journalists’ relationships with social media. We also included a new study from researchers at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the University of Oxford that has implications for news branding and efforts to build public trust in journalism.

Happy reading! And remember, if you come across a good study you think we should spotlight, let us know about it at @JournoResource.

This article was first published at Nieman Lab. It has been slightly edited to reflect Journalist’s Resource’s editorial style.

“Exposure to Opposing Views on Social Media Can Increase Political Polarization”

“Twitter’s Influence on News Judgment: An Experiment Among Journalists”

“The Social Silos of Journalism? Twitter, News Media and Partisan Segregation”

“News Brand Attribution in Distributed Environments: Do People Know Where They Get Their News?”

“How Age Affects Journalists’ Adoption of Social Media as an Innovation: A Multi-Group SEM Analysis”



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