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Shifa Gardi Award 2022 (Lyse Doucet, BBC)

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Lyse Doucet received Shifa Gardi Award for war zone reporting. Graphic: Rudaw

lyse doucet@bbclysedoucet

Thank you so much for this great tribute in the name of #ShifaGardi. May her memory and her spirit never fade 🎤Traducir TweetCitar TweetRudaw English@RudawEnglish · 25 feb.The 2022 Shifa Gardi Award was awarded to BBC journalist Lyse Doucet, who is renowned as a foreign correspondent in some of the toughest war zones.

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ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The 2022 Shifa Gardi Award was awarded to BBC journalist Lyse Doucet in a virtual ceremony for her reporting from front lines and war zones.

“How I wish I could be in Erbil today, but I’d also like to think that if Shifa was alive, and how we all wish she was, that she would be here today too, with all of her colleagues,” Doucet said in a video recording sent to Rudaw from the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, where she is currently reporting on the Ukraine-Russia conflict. 

“If anyone knows about what it’s like to live in a war which never seems to end, of living with powerful neighbors, and the importance of independent journalism – it is the Kurdish people,” Doucet added.

The award honors the memory of Rudaw journalist and news anchor Shifa Gardi who was tragically killed in a bomb attack in Mosul while covering the carnage of the Islamic State (ISIS) on February 25, 2017. It highlights the talent of female journalists on the front line who……..



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