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Timothy Snyder on democracy and the constitution

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Timothy Snyder@TimothyDSnyder
2/6. How did it come to this?  An insurrectionist, Donald Trump, purports to be running for president, although the Constitution forbids this.
3/6. Section Three of the Fourteenth Amendment frankly disqualifies anyone who has taken part in an insurrection, or given aid and comfort to insurrectionists.  Trump has done both, and boasts of having done both.
4/6. The authors of Section Three anticipated just such a frightful situation.  An insurrectionist who swears an oath and violates it has done something terrible.  He will have allies who have tasted tyranny and liked it.
5/6. By mandating just how to deal with such a person, Section Three lends us strength we might not otherwise have.  The Constitution defends itself by guiding us towards our better selves.
6/6. This thread is from my piece «Constitutional Courage: How our fears endanger our future.» Read the rest by going to the link in the image below.


Nick Reeves @nickreeves9876
The American Constitution was designed to prevent tyranny. The MAGAs want tyranny so they can finally destroy their liberal enemies and turn America into the male dominated, white supremacist, heterosexual, christian nationalist nation they believe it once was. They do not want…

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