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70 Years of the People’s Republic of China (Foreign Policy)

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A massive military parade dominated Beijing on Oct. 1, with President Xi Jinping at the center. But is China an awakening giant or a stumbling one? And how much is the country today rooted in the past? Throughout China’s national week, Foreign Policy will explore these questions—and others.

Xi Jinping Is the Life and Soul of the Party

The Chinese president’s ambitions can’t be separated from the CCP’s ideology.

A landlord is executed near Fukang, Xinjiang, circa 1949.

The People’s Republic of China Was Born in Chains

The Communist Party calls 1949 a liberation. But China was far freer beforehand.

Pro-China counterprotesters attempt to disrupt a pro-democracy rally in support of Hong Kong in London’s Trafalgar Square on Aug. 17.

China’s Youth Are Trapped in the Cult of Nationalism

Dreams of liberalization have clashed against the reality of successful propaganda.

Chinese People's Liberation Army honor guards stand in front of a mural of the Great Wall inside the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on Nov. 9, 2010.

China’s Vast History Can’t Be Caught in the CCP’s Net

There are 10,000 stories of China. The government wants to tell only one of them.

An image of Chinese President Xi Jinping is seen behind a statue of the late Communist leader Mao Zedong at a souvenir shop in Beijing on Feb. 27, 2018.

5 Bad Things in China’s Future (and 3 Good Ones)

Xi Jinping’s rule could get very dark.

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