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9/11 MEMORIAL & Museum Lesson Plans

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Several students with clipboards walk through the Tribute Walk, a Museum space where art related to 9/11 is displayed.

via The New York Times

The 9/11 Memorial & Museum offers interactive lesson plans for students in grades 3 to 12 that address the 9/11 attacks, their ongoing repercussions, and the history of the World Trade Center. Lessons plans are divided by grade level and theme below.
Local heroes   Lesson plan
Counterterrorism after 9/11  Lesson plan
Paying Tribute to the Attacks  Lesson plan
The International Fight Against Terrorism  Lesson plan
American Anxiety After 9/11  Lesson plan
What Happened on 9/11?, Part I  Lesson plan
Operation Neptune Spear and Its Impact Lesson plan
Targeting American Symbols  Lesson plan
Counterterrorism after 9/11  Lesson plan
Covering 9/11  Lesson plan

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