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A New Approach to Building Peace (Reuters Podcast)

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Although COVID-19 brought many aspects of our world to a standstill over the last year, violent conflict was not one of them. What can we do to end the cycle? (Chicago Council on Global Affairs)

Researcher and practitioner Séverine Autesserre argues that traditional approaches to peacebuilding often fail because they follow a top-down formula: expert expatriates parachute in to solve a problem with big budgets, cut-and-paste solutions, and a return ticket home. She joins Deep Dish to explain why a new strategy is needed and how grassroots efforts offer hope for an end to violent conflict.

Author, Researcher, and Professor of Political Science at Barnard College, Columbia University.
Séverine Autesserre is an award-winning author, peacebuilder, and researcher, as well as a Professor of Political Science at Barnard College, Columbia University. She is the author of «The Trouble with the Congo,» «Peaceland,» and «The Frontlines of Peace,» in addition to articles for publications such as Foreign Affairs, International Organization, and The New York Times. Séverine has been involved intimately in the world of international aid for more than twenty years and has conducted research in twelve different conflict zones, from Colombia to Somalia to Israel and the Palestinian territories. @SeverineAR

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