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A Year of Reflection on Peace and Security: Military expenditure (SIPRI)

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‘How tracking military expenditure creates transparency and contributes to peace’ is the fourth film in SIPRI’s short-film series ‘2016—A Year of Reflection’.

It features SIPRI Senior Researcher Dr Sam Perlo-Freeman, SIPRI Director Dan Smith and former Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs Hans Blix discussing SIPRI’s freely available military expenditure data and how it can be used by organizations around the world to facilitate peace.

The short-film series ‘2016—A Year of Reflection’ is produced to celebrate SIPRI’s 50th anniversary. This series of films will focus on SIPRI—its people and its work—and the building of a more peaceful future. More films will be released throughout the year.

SIPRI 1966-2016: Fifty years of fact-building for peace (Published on Apr 25, 2016)


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