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Africa is a country

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In my discovery trips through twitter since I entered for the first time the dizzy, vertiginous and addictive 140 characters messages worldwide wheel, I have discovered plenty of blogs, think tanks or groups with high quality content. Many were not knew to me, but fell out of my closer sources or contacts because of time limits in the life of a professor or journalist, or because of saturation by the most influential ones.

Africa is a country @AfricasaCountry is one of these findings, with a double attraction for someone like me, living for over twenty years dedicated full time to international relations and international news. Well, that is what Africa is a country offers: international relations and analysis of how the media is covering them. I guess I was also intereseted in the critical tone -breaking the politically correct- in many of its entries and its focus in human problems.

This is one twitt distributed on March 9, 2013:

5 African Films to Watch Out For, N°18 

Clicking  the above link, we get into the Belgian Africa Film Festival programme kicking off on March 15 and  running until March 30, and reviews of  5  of the films  presented.

The wealthy Congolese businessman, Moïse Katumbi, is not only governor of the African province of Katanga, rich in precious minerals, but is also president of the famous football team «Le Tout puissant Mazembe». The media, football, politics and business are the ingredients of the cocktail concocted by this new African messiah named Moïse. (Published on Jan 22, 2013)

Above is the trailer for documentary maker Thierry Michell’s portrait of Congolese businessman-governor-football club owner Moïse Katumbi Chapwe. Michell’s relentless dedication to all things Congo is quite impressive. Remember for example his Mobutu King of Zaire, Congo River, Katanga Business, or the recent documentary on the murder of human rights activist Floribert Chebeya (which landed him in trouble). For a fairly complete list of his other work, see hereMoïse Katumbi: Foot, Business, Politique seems to suggest Katumbi might become the DRC’s next president.

Watch reviews and read on films The Teacher’s Country, Nota Bene, C’est à dieu qu’il faut le dire and  Pourquoi Moi?

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