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AGS discussion on the Ukraine crisis

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A Discussion on Ukraine
Thursday March 3rd
5:00 pm (Paris Time – CET)
As the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops is affecting the entire international community and is likely to mark the beginning of a reshaping of the world order in the years to come, we as a school of International Relations and Diplomacy have a role to play in helping our community to understand the roots, mechanisms and possible outcomes of what is happening.

We would like to invite you to a discussion on the Ukraine crisis with a panel of three of our professors who have complementary expertise on the subject: Ambassador Michael Einik, a US diplomat with experience and expertise in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union; Professor Anton Koslov, an international relations scholar specializing on the history and politics of Russia and Eurasia; And, Professor Joav Toker, a journalist of International Affairs with specific expertise in global media coverage during extreme crisis situations

The event will be held both in-person at our Reid Hall campus in Paris in Classroom #3, and online. If attending in person in Paris, please send an email to confirm at

Topic: Discussion on Ukraine
Time: Mar 3, 2022 17:00 Paris CET
Meeting ID: 863 6386 0560
Passcode: 548737

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