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Algunas lecturas y videos para entender la guerra en Ucrania

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Opinion | The Two Blunders That Caused the Ukraine War
Robert Service, a leading historian of Russia, says Moscow will win the war but will lose the peace and fail to subjugate Ukraine. How Putin could be deposed.
Contra el imperialismo de Rusia se impone una oleada internacionalista

Contra el imperialismo de #Rusia se impone una oleada internacionalista -por @edwyplenel v

@_infolibre (Recomendado especialmente para los amigos de Podemos y de IU que siguen sin enterarse)
For years, the political scientist has claimed that Putin’s aggression toward Ukraine is caused by Western intervention. Have recent events changed his mind?

Why John #Mearsheimer Blames the U.S. for the Crisis in Ukraine -Entrevistado por Isaac Chotiner para  @NewYorker
Russia’s Plan C And Plan D…
Felipe Sahagún@sahagunfelipe
Prof. Lawrence Freedman: «Most likely there will be a negotiated conclusion, probably at the cease-fire talks», but Ukranians «must emerge from this ordeal as a free and independent country with no Russian troops on their soil»
War Of Obsession: Why Putin Is Risking Russia’s Future – Analysis
By Kadri Liik* The main constraints on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine were never the threat of Western sanctions or intelligence-based exposure of its preparations. In retrospect, even the negotiatio… 12:23 p. m. · 28 feb. 2022

Adiós a la doctrina Sinatra y a la Europa de Lisboa a Vladivostok. Malvenidos a la Europa de Putin -By Kadri Liik* @ecfr

Since Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine began on Feb. 24, it has met with fierce resistance from Ukrainians, turned a million people into refugees, killed an unknown number of others, prompted unprecedented sanctions, sparked an International Criminal Court investigation into potential war crimes, and revived fears of nuclear war.

What brought Putin — and the world — to this point?



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