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An Intelligence Professional’s Reading List

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Every few years many senior military leaders publish a reading list.  These lists generally contain works on history and leadership with a sprinkling of business management.  Books that either personally shaped their development as leaders or are a good read for someone’s professional development.  While these lists are great as a primer on leadership very few focus on the Intelligence profession.

What follows is an attempt to fill that knowledge gap.  This reading list is comprised of recommendations from members of the INTELST forum, a group of almost 4000 current and former Military Intelligence professionals.  The books identified below helped to shape these professionals into expert intelligence analysts.  These books cover a wide range of topics, from intelligence operations, to military history, leadership, sociology and psychology.  While the list is comprised of mostly non-fiction there are a few fiction books.  One of these fiction books, Ghost Fleet, was nominated more than any other book on the list.





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