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Another Cold War, minus communism (CNN)

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President Vladimir Putin attends a parade marking Navy Day in St. Petersburg, Russia, on July 31, 2022.

President Vladimir Putin attends a parade marking Navy Day in St. Petersburg, Russia, on July 31, 2022

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Russia’s invasion has encountered recent setbacks, with Ukraine retaking some territory in a recent counteroffensive.
The US and its NATO allies, meanwhile, are preparing for a drawn-out conflict, and US diplomatic, military and intelligence leaders all alluded this week to a long-term future of US opposition to Russia with a fortified Ukraine in the middle.
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced more aid to Ukraine during a surprise stop in Kyiv this week, and later, during a press conference at NATO headquarters in Brussels, said the conflict «is likely to go on for some significant period of time.»
KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Western defense officials and analysts on Saturday said they believed Ukraine had punched through Russian front lines south of the country’s second-largest city, taking thousands…
Oscar Mijallo@oscarmijallo
En Julio, en Dondest, un oficial ucraniano me dijo que necesitaban tomar una franja de 40 kilómetros de ancho en la zona del sur de Kharkiv para lanzar un gran contraataque sobre Izum. Esas condiciones se dan desde hace unos días. Habrá que ver el alcance
Miguel De La Fuente@MDFzonacaliente
Hilo de E Rosalie@NovelSci en Twitter
A new video from @ZelenskyyUa promises Russian soldiers who surrender that they will be treated in accordance with the Geneva Convention.
-«The movement of our soldiers in different directions of the front continues. At this time, within the framework of active actions since the beginning of September, about 2 thousand kilometers of our territory have already been freed. ..
-These days, the Russian army is showing its best – showing its back. And, after all, it is a good choice for them to run away. There is no place for the occupiers in Ukraine, and there will be no place. ..
-However, I emphasize once again: if any of the Russian military or security forces are afraid to return to Russia now, we guarantee everyone who will be detained by our soldiers will be treated in accordance with the Geneva Conventions.» –end of day 199 of the war.

El revés de los mapas (ARTE)

Ukraine’s counteroffensive (CNN)

Is Russia Committing War Crimes in Ukraine? (CFR)
Tuit de @Danieliriarteo (10 de sep de 2022, 10:20 am)
El ejército ruso se está desmoronando en el este de Ucrania y apenas hay referencias en la prensa española, y prácticamente nada en las portadas. Estamos trabajando para subsanar eso -en la medida de nuestras limitadas posibilidades- con un largo artículo explicativo 😉
Tuits del Dr. Mike Martin @ThreshedThought It looks like the last few days have been the most consequential of the Ukraine War. A brief thread, updated during the day.
Edward N Luttwak@ELuttwak. Ukraine’s victories might persuade Putin to withdraw to the Feb 23 lines hoping that Ukraine will stop there, or they could persuade him to mobilize & send Russian youth into combat. But Putin is unlikely to remain in power w either choice hence more desultory war is more likely.
Andrew Stroehlein@astroehlein   Seeing parts of #Ukraine being liberated from Russian occupation now & recalling what we found in other liberated areas earlier: extensive evidence of summary executions, enforced disappearances & torture (war crimes & potential crimes against humanity)
Jeremy Cliffe@JeremyCliffe The events of the past hours disprove any lingering doubts Western leaders might have had about the case for maximalist transfers of weaponry & other military support to . To hold on to available arms that might help Kyiv now is objectively to prolong the conflict.

Ukraine’s lightning advance near Kharkiv leaves Russian forces in disarray (FT)

The Kyiv Independent@KyivIndependent
Lawrence Freedman@LawDavF
If the Ukrainians start taking significant chunks of Donetsk and Luhansk then this will be even more calamitous for Moscow. The whole rationale of the Special Military Operation was to protect the Russian position in these territories. 2/2
Xavier Colás@xaviercolas

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