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Artificial intelligence will change our life

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Artificial intelligence is going to completely change your life 

Artificial Intelligence by Professor of Robot Ethics Alan Winfield

As research and development into artificial intelligence intensifies is there any sphere of human activity that won’t be revolutionised by A.I. and robotics? Stephen Sackur speaks to Alan Winfield, a world renowned Professor of Robot Ethics. From driving to education, to work and warfare are we unleashing machines which could turn the dark visions of science fiction into science fact?

Prof Stephen Hawking, one of Britain’s pre-eminent scientists, has previously warned that the development of artificial intelligence (AI) «could spell the end of the human race«.

However, Prof Alan Winfield, a world renowned professor of robot ethics from the Bristol Robotics Lab, told BBC Hardtalk’sStephen Sackur the bigger danger was «artificial stupidity».

Worries about robots taking over and destroying people came from science fiction, said Prof Winfield.

«We are worrying about an extraordinarily unlikely event,» he said, adding there were things to worry about.

«We need to worry about jobs, we need to worry about weaponisation of AI, we need to worry about standards in driverless cars, in care robots, in medical diagnosis AI.»

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