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Asia in 2020 (Institut Montaigne)

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Institut Montaigne’s Asia Program has been active for a year. We conduct policy analysis and advocacy work in the public interest of France and Europe, which includes those of citizens and companies. Our starting point is the observation that key European public policy debates – on innovation, industrial and competition policies, technology transfers, global governance, the international security agenda – are in need of a solid understanding of China and Asia, and of in-depth discussions with international partners.

This newsletter highlights some of our publications and activities in 2019, and comes with warm wishes for a stable and peaceful year in 2020. Looking ahead, we will continue to focus on improving Europe’s China policy, adjusting to an international environment marked by more intense technological competition and geoeconomic rivalries, monitoring the Asian trends that have the greatest strategic impact on Europe, and promote common European approaches to address those challenges.

If you talk about Asia, you have to talk about tech

Your privacy is fading away in the digital age! How societies deal with this challenge is a question for everyone to consider. Francois Godement’s latest study looks into the policies and the legal frameworks in Europe, India and China, and proposes recommendations to the European Union to improve the General Regulation on Data Protection. 

Europe is starting to build its 5G infrastructure and faces a dilemma with regards to defining what a trusted vendor is. How to avoid a divided continent? A research note by Mathieu Duchâtel and François Godement investigates the Huawei case. 

The work on digital issues includes intra-European policy discussions, but also consultations with the United States, Japan, and India. 

A selection of commentaries :


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