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Bagram: last US and Nato forces leave key Afghanistan base (BBC)

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Analysis box by Lyse Doucet, chief international correspondent

BBCNEWS, July 2, 2021

The last US and Nato forces have left Bagram airbase in Afghanistan, the epicentre of the war against jihadist militants for some 20 years.

The pull-out could signal that the complete withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan is imminent.

President Joe Biden has said US forces will be gone by 11 September.

But the withdrawal from the sprawling base, north of Kabul, comes as the main jihadist group, the Taliban, advances in many parts of Afghanistan.

The 11 September deadline is the anniversary of the attacks on America in 2001, which killed nearly 3,000 people.

The attacks were carried out by al-Qaeda, an international jihadist group then based in Afghanistan with the support of the Taliban, who had been in control of the country since the 1990s. A US-led coalition invaded the Afghanistan later that year to defeat both groups.



El centro de Asia emerge como posible refugio temporal de los colaboradores afganos tras la retirada de EEUU (Europa Press)



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