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Barbara Walters best interviews

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Barbara announces retirement next year.
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In an entertainment blog posting on Sunday, the network said Walters, 83, would announce on Monday on «The View,» the all-women talk show she created in 1997, that she would retire from television journalism next summer.

«Until then, she will continue to anchor and report for ABC News, appear on ‘The View,’ and anchor specials throughout the year,» the blog stated, noting that Walters would remain an executive producer of the show… MORE

If confirmed, Kevin Fallow’s announcement on March 29, 2013 on the Daily Beast would have proved correct.  «Groundbreaking newswoman Barbara Walters will reportedly retire next year», Kevin Fallow wrote then.

She’s interviewed -he added- every U.S. president and first lady since Richard and Pat Nixon, countless world leaders, a constellation of Hollywood stars, and even the Kardashians. So when reports surfaced this week that Barbara Walters is planning to retire in May 2014 we couldn’t help but look back at her landmark career. (Walters herself hasn’t confirmed or denied the news.)

Barbara Walters’s Best Interviews, From Castro to Bieber (12 Videos)

Fidel Castro (1977)

Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin (1977)

Katharine Hepburn (1981)

 Michael Jackson (1997)

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In the list also inteviews with

Muammar Gaddafi (1989), Monica Lewinsky (1999), Vladimir Putin (2001), Anna Wintour (2006), Hugo Chavez  (2007), Justin Bieber (2010), Bashar al-Assad (2012) and Oprah Winfrey 


In my classes on news, media and conflict, I’ve always mentioned Walter Cronkite’s influence in Anwar Sadat’s trip -the first ever of an Arab chief of state- to Israel in 1977, prologue of what would become the first Israeli-Arab peace in history.
In Cronkite’s memoirs (pages 401-407 in the Spanish edition by El País/Aguilar 1997), the most influencial U.S. anchorman for many years at CBS Evening News explains with his characteristic bonhomie how Barbara Walters appeared out of nowhere in Sadat’s plane at El Cairo seconds before taking off, destroying what great old Walter thought was going to be his life’s exclusive.
Imagine the situation: Walter and Bud Benjamin convinced that they were the only foreign journalists accompanying Sadat to Jerusalem and, suddenly…

en el momento en que estábamos subiendo al avión de Sadat apareció ella, corriendo por la pista mientras agitaba una mano como si fuera un jugador al entrar en el campo de juego para hacer un cambio. Sadat la invitó a subir y la iniciativa de Bárbara (que había logrado llegar a Tel Aviv en vuelo anterior al de Cronkite y desde allí, tras descubrir el complot de la CBS, se las había apañado para que la trasladaran en vuelo chárter a El Cairo a la mañana siguiente) nos robó la exclusiva.


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