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Battle for Iraq (FRONTLINE)

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Photo published for Battle for Iraq

Battle for Iraq On-the-ground reporting goes to the front lines of the battle for Mosul, Iraq.

:»The distance between war & civilian life is almost nonexistent.» — on Mosul’s front lines 

 Jan 31- Tonight, don’t miss Battle for Iraq — a one-hour, two-part report from inside the brutal fight to retake the Iraqi city of Mosul from ISIS:

  • First, in Battle for Iraq, produced in association with the The Guardian, Iraqi-born reporter Ghaith Abdul-Ahad makes a dangerous trip inside Mosul to examine the fight and its toll. During his reporting, he survives an ISIS truck bomb that explodes just feet away,and speaks with civilians caught in the turmoil, members of Iraq’s elite special operations forces (known as the Golden Division), and a captured ISIS fighter.
  • Then, in Hunting ISIS, FRONTLINE travels even deeper into Mosul, spending six weeks embedded with a Golden Division unit that has been at the forefront of the fight against ISIS. The film documents their efforts to clear ISIS from the city, street by street and house by house.
  • Plus: In the run-up to tonight’s broadcast, explore Battle for Mosul 360°. Released today on Facebook, this immersive short film takes you to burning oilfields, inside a network of tunnels built by ISIS to hide from airstrikes, and to a camp that’s become home to thousands of people displaced by the fighting.

Together, Battle for Iraq and Hunting ISIS continue FRONTLINE’s in-depth reporting on the fight against ISIS — and give a dramatic portrait of what’s happening on a key battleground where civilian casualties continue to mount.

Watch on PBS (check your local station) or online beginning at 10 p.m. EST/9 p.m. CST.

–  Patrice Taddonio
Assistant Director of Audience Development, FRONTLINE

The FRONTLINE team goes right to the edge of ISIS-held Mosul — and survives a bombing.


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