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BBC World’s Newsroom: An Introduction

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On Jan 14, 2013 the BBC invited its millions of followers to «discover a world of news in one place», the new editing room where the network would centralize its news operations from then on: (Video and text)



On screen, BBC World News looks sharper and more dynamic than ever before, with high definition and virtual reality studios and innovative multi-platform content helping to bring the news to life like never before.

The BBC employs more journalists than any other international broadcaster and produces news in 28 languages.

The World’s Newsroom is a melting pot for the best journalism in the world, using five custom-built studios with new sets and fresh creative graphics and cutting-edge cameras with virtual reality and 3D capabilities to create news that’s immersive, dynamic, and more engaging than ever.

Watch BBC World News to experience a new era in news broadcasting, and see some photographs of the revamped BBC World News studios here.

You can also hear from fellow World News presenter Babita Sharma on the many languages in which we broadcast, find out more about our new 3D studio and watch our extended trail for the new World News here.

Read a blog post about the changes by Andrew Roy, head of news for BBC World News.

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