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Between War and the Ban: A Yemeni-American Story | Fault Lines …

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As the war in Yemen worsens, more and more people there are trying to flee for safety and in many cases, desperately trying to reunite with family in the United States. But with US President Donald Trump’s controversial travel ban now in effect, the path to family reunification has been halted. The US embassy in Yemen has been closed for over three years, forcing Yemeni-Americans to travel to other countries, primarily Djibouti, to apply for visas for their relatives. Their only path to the US is a waiver, included in the third travel ban – but even applicants who seem to meet the criteria are being denied – leaving them stuck in a foreign country. Fault Lines examines how Yemeni Americans have been caught between war and the ban and their lives put on hold, as they wait for a Supreme Court decision that will ultimately decide their families’ futures.  (Al Jazeera Englisj, April, 25, 2018)

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