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Changing global media landscape

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About the Speech:

The convergence of social and news content across new mobile platforms is fundamentally altering the environment in which journalists and other media players operate, as well as posing challenges to governments managing their external relations. At the same time, the U.S. is seeking to define its role in an increasingly complex geopolitical landscape, in which it is rebalancing political resources to the Asia-Pacific. Kenneth Weinstein stands at the nexus of these related trends. His keynote address offered insights into the future of media and U.S. foreign policy.

About the Speaker:

In October 2013, President Obama appointed Kenneth Weinstein as the newest member of the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), the independent oversight body for U.S. government-supported international media. Mr. Weinstein has served since March 2011 as President and CEO of the Hudson Institute, the U.S. partner of the Centre for European Studies, the European People’s Party’s official think-tank. He is a noted analyst and commentator on global affairs, U.S. foreign policy and international media.

IIEA1: Publicado el 7/03/2014

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