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China’s response to the coronavirus pandemic (Foreign Affairs)

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China’s Coming Upheaval

By Minxin Pei

“A regime beset by economic stagnation and rising social unrest at home and great-power competition abroad is inherently brittle,” Minxin Pei writes in a new essay. “If Xi continues on this trajectory, eroding the foundations of China’s economic and political power and monopolizing responsibility and control, he will expose the CCP to cataclysmic change.”

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«The Coronavirus Is a Stress Test for Xi Jinping«
by Elizabeth Economy
«Unlike Past Pandemics, Coronavirus Highlights China’s Strengths« by Robert Peckham
«The Coronavirus Could Reshape Global Order« by Kurt M. Campbell and Rush Doshi
«U.S.-Chinese Distrust Is Inviting Dangerous Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories« by Yanzhong Huang


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