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Climate change (The Guardian)

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Here is the latest coverage and news from the Guardian’s Keep it in the Ground campaign.

Barrow, Alaska: The new cold war
A last great unprotected wilderness, safe haven for endangered species and home to native people whose subsistence lifestyle has survived in harmony with nature for thousands of years. It is here that Shell plans to drill for oil, pulling the detonator on a carbon bomb which eventually could spray 150bn tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Pope’s climate change encyclical tells rich nations: pay your debt to the poor
Pontiff’s 180-page intervention in climate change debate casts blame for ‘ecological crisis’ on the indifference of the powerful

Handle with humor: why we want you to laugh about climate change
Is the topic of climate change too hot for people to handle? Maybe we need to throw some humor into the mix (This is part of the Too Hot to Handle series sponsored by Ben & Jerry’s.)

A satirical public service announcement urges us to ‘save America’s dumps’ – video
It seems like Americans today don’t care about producing good trash anymore. This fictional new organization warns that if we don’t stop recycling, we could lose our precious dumps – slowing global warming to the point where we may one day hear our children ask, «Mommy, where has all the methane gone?» (Too Hot to Handle)

Coal crash: how pension funds face huge risk from climate change
The plummeting coal sector and a growing green divestment movement is leaving firms who still invest in fossil fuels and connected pension holders heavily exposed

Global warming is totally a lie liberals tell to distract us from their commie agendas
If the fact that we’ve just experienced the coldest spring on record isn’t enough to sway you, I’ve got other anecdotal evidence that should be plenty convincing. (Too Hot to Handle)

Pope’s encyclical, young activists of climate campaign and carbon bombs
A week full of action on climate front as Pope Francis appealed the world to act now to save the planet and thousands marched on UK parliament to lobby MPs

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