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Colin Powell’s funeral at the Washington National Cathedral (Nov 5, 2021)

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Colin Powell, a decorated four-star general who became the first Black secretary of state and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was honored in a funeral service Nov. 5 at the Washington National Cathedral.

Powell died in October from complications related to COVID-19.

Before the funeral began, the PBS NewsHour ‘s Nicole Ellis hosted special coverage that explored Powell’s long legacy, from his rise through the ranks in the military, his involvement in justifying the Iraq War and what his achievements meant for the country and the Black community. She was joined by Los Angeles Times Executive Editor Kevin Merida, military historian Richard Kohn and PBS NewsHour correspondent Nick Schifrin.

Watch the NewsHour’s coverage of the funeral service in the video player above.

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Richard Armitage, who served as Deputy Secretary of State during the George H.W. Bush administration, while Powell was Secretary of State, paid tribute to Powell during the Friday funeral service. Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, who preceded Powell in the role and served under the Clinton administration, paid tribute during the service, as will Powell’s son, Michael Powell.



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