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Conflict prevention (CFR plus….)

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For more conflict prevention analysis, visit CFR’s Center for Preventive Action

 CPA’s conflict prevention resources currently include an index of publicly available watchlists and datasets as well as the Preventive Priorities Survey series. The Index is organized by dependent variable, and like the Preventive Priorities Survey, will be updated periodically to reflect the recalibration of existing online lists, the release of new data, and the completion of future Preventive Priorities Surveys.

Index of Watchlists

Preventive Priorities Survey

Index of Watchlists

Conflict and Instability


Respect for Human Rights

  • «Trafficking in Persons Report,» produced by the United States Department of State, Undersecretary for Democracy and Global Affairs, Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons
  • «Cingranelli-Richards Human Rights Dataset,» produced by the University of Binghamton Professor David Cingranelli and University of Memphis Professor David Richards ** ±
  • «Political Terror Scale,» produced by University of North Carolina Asheville Professor Marc Gibney ±

Economic Fragility

** Registration required to access data

± Interpretation of data requires some sorting or manipulation

Preventive Priorities Survey

In November 2012, CPA polled CFR Fellows and other experts on what they thought the most pressing conflict prevention priorities will be in 2013.

Preventive Priorities Survey: 2013

Prior PPS Results



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