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Connecting the unconnected (Telefónica)

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At Telefónica we connect the unconnected. At the end of 2016, 3.2 billion people were using the Internet, representing 47% of the world ́s population. Internet access is a catalyst for economic and social welfare, imagine the revolutionary potential of the Internet when the remaining 53% of the world’s population go online.


People are not connected……

Telefónica alone has invested 45 Billion €, 25 M€ per day.

Telefónica innovates to connect the unconnected. We have joined forces with Project Loon through a joint collaboration agreement to provide mobile internet connectivity emergency relief during the catastrophic floods of Peru showcasing our commitment with the society. (*Disponible en español)

To be connected to internet means a better quality of life

[VIDEO] Telefónica wants to reach everyone leaving no one behind.

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