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Daesh propaganda is losing steam

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 Sometimes you have iconic group photos of the Islamic State. Here for instance you have one taken during the training sessions in January 2014 to take Mosul five months later. There is a grammar – a set for rules – for these pictures, because they know they will be studied 

The Wider Jihadi Movement Will Take Over Where the Islamic State Left Off

What does the future of the Islamic State look like in the wake of its battlefield losses in Iraq and Syria? Can it sustain itself as a movement drawing in sympathizers and recruits from around the…

Terrorism, the Internet, and the Islamic State’s Defeat: It’s Over, But It’s Not Over -The roll-back of the self-declared Islamic State group’s territory does not mean that it’s online presence has shrunk.

Wise words on the post-/post- evolution of  online. Its media may have collapsed, but the virtual caliphate isn’t going anywhere. … 

 The Curse of Cain: Why Fratricidal Jihadis Fail to Learn from Their Mistakes – Mohammed Hafez, @CTCWPSentinel: 

Analysis: Islamic State media output goes into sharp decline -Since it burst onto the international scene in 2014, so-called Islamic State (IS) has taken jihadist media production to new levels, releasing a constant stream of high-quality images and slick …

Charlie Winter@charliewinter –Brilliant work from @Minalami & @BBCMonitoring on the  media decline. Great analysis, great visualisations. … 

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