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Data and development

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worldbank World Bank@WorldBank

Are you a data and development nerd? Our @Tumblr page has some of the best #dataviz. Submit yours. ()

Visualizing the fight against poverty. Submit your best development data viz by clicking on the pencil icon on the right!

Latin America Has More Mobile Phones Than People (Explore data)

Does Educating Girls Reduce Fertility Rates? (World Development Indicators)

How Many Adults use Mobile Money in Sub-Saharan Africa? (Global Findex)

How Much Do People in Different Countries Spend on Food? (The Economist)

How the World Uses Freshwater (

Visualizing the Relationship Between Internet Usage and GDP per capita (

Temperature Change by 2100 (Climate Change Knowledge Portal)

1 in 5 Parliamentarians Worldwide are Women (Inter-Parliamentary Union)

Visualizing the Variation in Obesity Worldwide (Neoformix)

Mapping Obesity Worldwide (The Guardian)….more

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