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Deterrence, security and defense

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With a rapidly changing and evolving global security environment, CSIS provides up-to-date analysis and policy recommendations on national and collective responses to global and regional risks intersecting in Europe.

Policymakers on both sides of the Atlantic better serve their national defense and security agendas when their strategies are mindful of transatlantic interests and values. The CSIS Europe Program is committed to facilitating a better understanding of the European defense and security agenda, providing a forum for meetings with senior European officials, embassy staff, and defense ministers to engage U.S. policymakers and the broader foreign policy community on transatlantic security cooperation.

Our work includes extensive research and analysis on the transatlantic strategic partnership, emerging threat patterns, and the European security and defense dynamic, with an emphasis on Northern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean region. In particular, the Europe program has focused on assessing the impact on European security of Russia’s heightened military activity and aggression in the region.



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