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Digital first. Borja Echeverría and 10 more in Nieman

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2013 Christopher J. Georges Conference on College Journalism – April 12-13, 2013

Lessons from the digital-first newsroom: How to better seve your community through social media and audience engagement

• Borja Echevarría, deputy managing editor, El País, Madrid, Spain, 2013 Nieman-Berkman Fellow in Journalism Innovation

Conferencia de @borjaechevarria subdirector de El País en la Nieman Foundation  (Vídeo)

  1. Reporting with Sound


  2. The Reporter-Editor Relationship: The craft of storytelling


  3. Presentation of the 2013 Christopher J. Georges Award for Excellence in Student Journalism


  4. «Old Dog Learns New Tricks: Journalism in the digital media age» – Keynote address and conversation


  5. Lessons from the digital-first newsroom


  6. Building Digital Beats


  7. Video and Multimedia Storytelling


  8. Shooting Ghosts


  9. Robert Christgau on Young Critics


  10. Robert Christgau on Twitter


  11. Robert Christgau on Personal Experience


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