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Digital media challenges

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News in a Digital World: BBC Documentary

The growing use of tablets and mobiles by younger people is creating new challenges and pressures on broadcasters, and making space for new organisations to enter the news business. Rajan Datar discusses the future of independent journalism and the implications for existing broadcasters with Marius Dragomir, the author of a major report on digital media from the Open Society Foundation, and Professor Stewart Purvis of City University.

BBC Documentaries

Open Society Foundation

The Mapping Digital Media project examines the global opportunities and risks created by new and digital media. Covering 56 countries, the project assesses how these changes affect the core democratic service that any media system should provide—news about political, economic, and social affairs—and how they can help advance open society values.

Is a world where there are almost as many mobile phones as people, more than half the globe can access digital TV signals, and almost 3 billion people are online a better place for journalism?

The Global Findings of the Mapping Digital Media project assess these and other forces affecting digital media and independent journalism worldwide. Researched and written by a team of local experts, the 56 country reports, from which these Global Findings are drawn, examine the communication and media  environments in 15 of the world’s 20 most populous countries, covering more than 4.5 billion of the world’s population, and in 16 of the world’s 20 largest economies.

The Mapping Digital Media research confirms that digital television and the internet have had a radical impact on media businesses, journalists, and citizens at large. As might be expected, platforms distributing journalism have proliferated, media companies are revamping their operations, and citizens have access to a cornucopia of news and information sources… MORE

The fourth annual Social Media Sustainability Index 2013 analyses how 475 major companies use social media to communicate sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

We look at more than 4000 corporate social media channels to select the top 100 companies for the Index and highlight best practice communication and storytelling.

In this report you’ll learn:

  • What social media channels companies like to use
  • The new storytelling trends through social media
  • How 10 major FMCG companies communicate sustainability through their brands
  • Which industry sectors succeed at social media for sustainability
  • How the Top 10 companies use social media to tell their stories




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