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Ebola, misinformation and stigmas

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The Stream:  Ebola – Misinformation and stigmas.Oct 9, 2014 (AJEnglish)

: How do journalists stay safe on the frontline? @TulipMazumdar explains the «Ebola handshake» 

The Ebola virus is one of the most virulent infections known to science. This special episode of Horizon meets the scientists and doctors from all around the world looking for the cure and hears first-hand accounts of what it is actually like to catch and survive the disease. (Sep 17,  2014)


Ejemplos de medios que han informado muy bien sobre el ébola, recopilados por el maestro @majimeno.  (

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According to WHO, the dire Ebola numbers don’t reflect the full reality:  ()

Video: Emergency – Interview with Chief Veterinary Juan Lubroth 

by John Campbell October 10, 2014

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