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El estado del video en 2013

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In this videographic, Uberflip explores the state of video as a cross-platform marketing tool. How popular is online video? How much are marketers spending on this format? With apps like Vine and Instagram, is video finally making the jump to mobile? Watch and learn! (Published on August, 8, 2013)

– 40 billion videos streamed every month in the US (Comscore)
– 75 million people in the US watch online videos (Comscore)
– 87% of marketers use video for content marketing (eMarketer)
– By 2015, $6.3 billion will be spent on video ads (Forrester)
– 2 Billion videos streamed every day on Youtube (Youtube)
– Youtube is the second largest search engine (Youtube)
– Instagram has 130 million active users (Instagram)
– Vine was downloaded 13 million times in its first week (Vine)


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