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Ethics in today’s world // La ética en el mundo de hoy

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Carnegie Council Presents «Ethics & International Affairs» Fall 2013 Issue. September 17, 2013

Ethics & International Affairs is pleased to announce the publication of its fall 2013 issue. This issue features an essay by Richard Schiffman on poverty, food security, and the land grab in Africa; a policy brief by Frances Moore Lappé, Jennifer Clapp, Molly Anderson, Robin Broad, Ellen Messer, Thomas Pogge, and Timothy Wise on why how we count poverty matters; a special centennial roundtable on nonproliferation in the 21st century, with contributions from J. Bryan Hehir, Jacques E. C. Hymans, Nina Tannenwald, and Ward Wilson; a feature article by Campbell Craig and Jan Ruzicka on the nuclear nonproliferation complex; and book reviews by Ralph Steinhardt, Joia S. Mukherjee, and Alyssa R. Bernstein.

Hunger, Food Security, and the African Land Grab [Full Text]
Richard Schiffman
Land and water resources are under increasing strain worldwide, resulting in rising food prices and food shortages. This essay looks at the controversial practice of foreign countries’ purchases of land for agricultural production in Africa.

How We Count Hunger Matters
Frances Moore Lappé, Jennifer Clapp, Molly Anderson, Robin Broad, Ellen Messer, Thomas Pogge, and Timothy Wise
In 2010, the FAO reported that the number of people experiencing hunger worldwide since 2005–2007 had increased by 150 million. However, in its State of Food Insecurity in the World 2012, the FAO presented new estimates, having revamped its methods and reinterpreted its hunger data back to 1990. The writers argue that FAO’s primary measure does not capture the full extent of hunger and that SOFI 12‘s overriding messages may obscure important policy lessons.


REVIEWS [Full Text]

Just Business: Multinational Corporations and Human Rights by John Gerard Ruggie
Review by Ralph Steinhardt
This book offers an insider’s account of how the «Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights» came into being. Although readers may sometimes strain at its mix of heroic memoir and sober argument, Just Business contributes profoundly to the next iteration of an ethical lex mercatoria.

The Human Right to Health by Jonathan Wolff
Review by Joia S. Mukherjee
This book will provoke the reader to think about how to bring the public sector, civil society, industry, patents, health financing, and human resources together in order to achieve the more rapid, progressive realization of the right to health in the decades to come.

Kant and the End of War: A Critique of Just War Theory by Howard Williams; and Kant and Cosmopolitanism: The Philosophical Ideal of World Citizenship by Pauline Kleingeld
Review by Alyssa R. Bernstein
These new books, by two of the foremost contemporary scholars of Kant’s political philosophy, deal extensively with the theme of international peace.


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